About Us

WE Intellectual Property Co., Ltd. (WE IP) is a Thailand-based law firm dedicated to intellectual property protection founded in 2020 by the widely-recognised “IP maven”, Saowaluck (APPLE) Lamlert – a familiar face on the international IP stage for over 20 years – with the vision of a focused yet comprehensive IP service. WE IP’s core legal team is a dynamic mix of experienced and individualistic legal practitioners, whose long-running collaboration has gained the confidence of multinational corporations and conspicuous start-ups from all over the world.

WE IP’s practice encompasses all aspects of IP registration, enforcement and commercialisation in the Asia-Pacific region and far beyond. Our service combines cutting-edge legal understanding with a unique sensitivity to international clients’ business needs. With virtually global capabilities, our centralised approach ensures consistent service standards – we never compromise on quality.

“Protecting Your IP Rights Is Our Privilege.”

Our Mission

Our service mission is to ensure that nothing falls through the tiniest cracks. This means ensuring that our clients’ interests are served in the best ways possible, and that all our colleagues are treated with utmost professionalism.

With WE IP, you can always expect a VIP treatment.

Our Culture

Like a room without walls, ceilings or floors, Intellectual Property as a legal practice is far too multifaceted for categorisation, but its crucial role in contemporary business is undeniable.

As we aspire to cover all possible angles, we see the individuality of each team member as an invaluable asset. In our view, empowerment comes from the understanding of our differences.