Saowaluck Lamlert (APPLE) Recognized in WTR1000’s 2021 Edition

WE IP Press Release February 2021 We are pleased to share that, only three months after we began operations, WE IP’s name receives its first mention in WTR1000’s 2021 rankings for Thailand, where Saowaluck Lamlert (APPLE), our Managing Partner, is listed as a recommended expert for trademark prosecution and strategy services in Thailand along with […]

Three Ages of Incertitude – Thailand’s Struggles to Protect Translation Rights for Foreign Literary Works

EPISODE 1 The First Age (1931 – 1978): Quietly Opening the Floodgates Thailand acceded to the Berne Convention in 1931 – the 36th country to have done so in history. In the same year, the first international-style Copyright Law was enacted. Nine decades on, that first incarnation of the Berne principles has undergone immense transformations, […]

WE IP Open House 2021

So that we could thank our clients, friends, and families for their support in person, WE IP organized an all-day Open House at our brand-new office last Friday 5 February 2021. Guests were welcomed in rounds to prevent overcrowding. Temperatures were taken, and “Face masks with everything” was the dress code. International snack selections served…under […]