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Three Ages of Incertitude – Thailand’s Struggles to Protect Translation Rights for Foreign Literary Works

Translation Rights for Foreign Literary Works

EPISODE 1 The First Age (1931 – 1978): Quietly Opening the Floodgates Thailand acceded to the Berne Convention in 1931 – the 36th country to have done so in history. In the same year, the first international-style Copyright Law was enacted. Nine decades on, that first incarnation of the Berne principles has undergone immense transformations, […]

WE IP Open House 2021


So that we could thank our clients, friends, and families for their support in person, WE IP organized an all-day Open House at our brand-new office last Friday 5 February 2021. Guests were welcomed in rounds to prevent overcrowding. Temperatures were taken, and “Face masks with everything” was the dress code. International snack selections served…under […]