Myanmar New Trademark Law – Grand Opening on 26 April 2023


The wait is finally over..!

“New era” of trademark protection in Myanmar – “New marks” can now be filed after this “Grand Opening”.

Updated Announcement: –

The Myanmar Intellectual Property Department (MIPD) has announced that the new trademark registration system will officially launch on 26th April 2023 (“Grand Opening”) with the confirmed filing requirement i.e.,

  • Official Filing Fee of MMK 150,000 (approximately USD 75) per mark per class.
  • Official Appointment of Representative Form, known as “TM-2 Form” – notarization needed.

The First Filing Date: –

To obtain the 1st filing date under the new Trademark Law’s first-to-file system,

  • If you are NEW applicants – all applications for new marks will bear the filing dates of the applications, i.e., the date on which the MIPD receives the complete application (including the notarized TM-2 Form and official fee).
  • If you are Soft Opening (OLD) applicants – the owners of these old marks, either registered under the previous system or used in the country, can still file the complete application (including the notarized TM-2 Form and official fee) within 31 May 2023.

With this update, it is important for either NEW or OLD trademark owners in Myanmar to get ready for protecting their trademarks under the new era. Acting promptly in response to these developments will definitely secure your rights and avoid potential infringement issues in future.

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